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Sport Events of Angel Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park is a place for people get relaxed, do port, shape body, lost weight. Also is a place for people have some experience which can’t enjoy on ground, It is feel good to control of some Anti–Gravity movement like slam-dunk, back flips, compound somersault. Also you can enjoy battler on balance beam, dodgeball ball. Work out on Ninja course, climbing wall and spider game.

1.  Free Jumping

This free jumping area is must have play area for all trampoline parks, jumping on trampoline itself is enjoyable sport, our body rebound back to the air by push our weight and strength to the jumping bed. We fly much higher than can perform on ground, our body feel so light, while we can learn how to control our body and foothold, we do lot of sports without much feel of tired. On this area also can do some flip after have good control of our body. Free jumping creates SO MUCH FUN for players.

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2. Professional trampoline

Trampoline jumping is Olympic program, It is quite amazing see professional athlete jumping on trampoline, they can jumping so height and do some many flip in air also perfect landing and rebound, this trampoline bed have better jumping elastic, you may can’t jumping to 6-8meter as athlete, with more practice and proper guide, you still can perform better aerial tricks on this play area. Usually this place have higher space, some trampoline park have show or training course over this area.  

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3. Dodgeball Play Area

Dodge ball at Trampoline Park is most interesting interactive game, dodge ball placed in the middle on the platform, two teams face to face stand back to the Angled trampoline wall, players have to running and grab the ball once the hear whistle, otherwise have to dodge balls from opponent. The rules are very simple: once you get hit with a ball, you are out, only one winner. To be a winner you have to think about strategy and good at move, you need to bounce, twist and dodge of coming ball and predict the movement of opponents. 

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4. Soft Trampoline Platform

The game help player enjoy the fun of defying gravity, under the protection of soft wall and jumping mat players can play boldly do some flip and tricks. This trampoline platform placed beside professional trampoline, you can use power of the rebound from the trampoline and then waling on the wall, do flip with the strength by push foot against the wall. You also can fall down freely from the platform on different height, with you back landing on the middle of trampoline bed, complete a series of tricks when rebound in the air and control your body to stand firmly. You can next cycle of movements after landing on trampoline safely. It is so cool take photo on top angle, feel took off and fly.  

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5. Soft Barriers and Pyramid

To create more fun on Trampoline Park, we bring soft Barriers and Pyramid inside, so players can have more fun and place to take rest. Barriers as a rest platform for player also can used as coach’s stage, coach stand above leading players to do exercises. Pyramid component by four trapezoid trampoline mats, players can do various actions by it, using the space between inclined trampoline and Pyramid can do lot of cool actions. Also barriers can encourage more flip. 

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6. Foam Zone and Games Inside

To falling down from high place without worry of safety is one of cool experience. Except for free jumping to foam pit also have many other program can bring inside. Because can safe landing the climbing wall can make to very high, can put rope for climbing and swinging, can put beam for battler, can create shake bridge, flying rings. You also can put high barriers with strings for to imitate walking on high wire just simple enjoy the weightlessness. You are free to create any challenge games on foam zone.

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7. Big Air bag

Big air bag just like foam pit, offer soft landing for jumpers, whether you are practicing your fist timer trying out of flip or an experienced athlete, air bag offers you the ultimate soft landing. Five minutes jump in trampoline consuming the same calories as thirty minutes sports in treadmill, ten minutes in trampoline consuming same calories as jogging for half an hours. So long-term trampoline sports can shape your body, lose your weight and get relaxed after stressed work. 

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8. Slam Dunk

Trampoline Park with basketball hoop makes the dream of dunk as a NBA super star coming to true. If you even imaged to dunk as NBA star or need practice on basket slam skill then coming to Trampoline Park. You can even do more than that, with the help of bouncing force, you can easily to make the slam dunking, and you can do more tricks when flying in the air. Just like play on basketball court, you can work with others like term to do the slam after few round of pass. You are just a NBA super star over here!

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9. Ninja Court

Ninja court also called obstacle course, it is offer lot of fun play events for players to challenge and exercise. Inside this area including foam zone, jumping spider wall, cargo net crawl, climbing wall, heavy punching bags, monkey bars, swing steps, kids love this project, it is provide so much fun, they can try many different play events in this area. Kids will be braver throng play on this project. The frame from Angel company made by Aluminum.  

Ninja Court

10. Others

Other play equipment for Trampoline Park including cage ball, spider tower and indoor playground equipment. For owner of Trampoline Park who has huge place and wish to do business for small kids can bring these play structures inside. Running kids playground business can attract all age group in this play center, young parents with small kids may not available to play inside if have small kids beside. Same time indoor playground equipment is a program with good profit for trampoline owner. 

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